About Neill MacKenzie And How He Can Help With Your List Building Projects

Neill MacKEnzie

Hello, my name is Neill MacKenzie product creator, online tutor and internet marketer with a background in various niches.

I have been earning money online since 1999 – yes I know, an age ago in internet terms.  My first successful website was in the e-commerce field, a hobby site selling personalised Christmas gifts which operated for nearly ten years on a part time basis whilst I was in full time employment.  The internet was in its infancy and their was a steep learning curve to adjust to and mistakes were made.  But that first site went on to build a list of over 8,000 paying - yes, paying - customers.

Now I'm taking my experience in working online and opening it up.  So, if YOU don’t want some newbie who doesn’t know what they’re doing training you and you DO want someone who has been at this a good amount of time and has the experience, you've come to the right place.  

Since Then?

Although I had some affiliate marketing experience with the on-line store, by 2010 I started to take it a lot more seriously.  I earned my first commission from Amazon in April that same year. It was only a small amount but they became larger and larger as the months went on. The potential for further success was now enormous. I could copy the strategy used for building that first money-making website to make other money-making websites – the possibilities were, and still are endless.

Teaching Qualification

So What Now?

Well, my first love has always been product creation - both tangible and digital - and at the moment I am busy creating as many products as I can.  

But I am also a qualified tutor having passed the UK's City & Guilds Certificate in Delivering Learning Course.  I am now able to combine my product creation skills with my desire to teach for the benefit of others.  

Don’t you hate trying to learn something new from someone who might grasp the information, but can’t teach it?  There are tons of people doing that and you’ve probably encountered someone like that. I’ve done a lot of teaching to a wide variety of audiences, so I know how to convey the information so that your needs are met.

So How Am I Able To Help You With Your List Building?

I'm married with two grown up daughters and, at the last count(!!), four grandchildren - three boys and a girl - all of whom are doing well.  But they've all left the nest and although it's great to see them regularly you'd be surprised just how much time I am now able to devote to my - and your - list building ventures.  Despite still being very busy I do like to "give back" whenever I can by offering my List Building Cheat Sheetsknowledge and experience to those who may seek it out.  

What's more, if you serious about building your list I suggest you take a look at the List Building Cheat Sheets that I have created and which you can download for FREE here or from the right hand column.  The four cheat sheets cover the basics of List Building including: Niche Selection, The Squeeze Page, Product Creation and of course Email Marketing. 

Each report includes a series of action steps and resources that will give you a good grounding to your list building and I strongly recommend them to you. 

I'd like to wish you all the very best with your list building ventures and if you think I can assist you, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me

Neill MacKenzie